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Pink October 

It is October once again and we have several reasons to celebrate:

* Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2016
* Pink October 2016 with October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month
*  Thirteenth Anniversary of Ciudad Medical Zamboanga

CMZ together with the Gender and Development (GAD) of the City of Zamboanga opened the Pink October Celebration during the Zamboanga Hermosa 2016 Opening Salvo at the Paseo Del Mar.
The ZC Gender and Development (GAD) is composed of the Mindanao Breast Cancer support and empowerment Association (MBCSEA), Local council of Women (LCW), LGBT Alliance and the GAD Focal and Tecnical Working Group.



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CMZ BRAngay  Word for the World, Guiwan

September 3, 2016 Word For the World Community in Guiwan,
invited the CMZ Breast Wellness Center for Breast Cancer Awareness lectures and Free Clinical Breast examination.
Thanks to Rey Rae Bucoy Morales for this invitation and to Pastor Sienes for the warm accommodation.
We hope that we were able to inspire you for awareness!


CMZ BRAngay  Brgy. Sto Nino for Tulong Sa Kapwa    



August 27, 2016 CMZ Breast Wellness Center joins the Tulong Sa Kapwa by Kagawad Jojo Delena
for Brgy. Sto. Nino Purok 2 with CMZ (through CMZ Residents and AND Jace Pellovello and nurses and Sir Sam)
and the Phil Society of Hospital Pharmacists ZC (through President Edsel Cariz Tiu, CMZ Chief Pharmacist)




          The Philippine Medical Association Zamboanga City Chapter ZamboangaCity MedicalSociety) 

celebrates National Hospital Week with a series of lectures on non-communicable diseases throughout the

different hospitals in Zamboanga City. On its fourth day, the sponsor is Ciudad Medical Zamboanga

with the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Breast Wellness Center with Dr. Nelson Laja, a well-known medical oncologist in ZC

as the speaker on the topic: #BreastCancer (read as hashtag Breast Cancer) [Cancer Facts: Awareness and Early Detection].

The video by "I Can Serve" with Ms. Dawn Zulueta as host was presented as well as demonstration on the Breast Self Examination

by Ms. Watchel Buena Tibandal-Basilio as introductory learnings prior to the main lecture.

Exhibits on BRA (Bra to Raise Awareness) Art were also seen within the conference area with the presence of the CMZ Breast Team to support the activity.

This is still considered as our CMZ BRAngay Project No. 39, but this time our participants are our CMZ Staff.

The attendance is voluntary with each area given at least 5 slots.There were more than 80 participants from the CMZ

staff present and were very thankful to Dr. Laja for sharing his expertise with them.


CMZ BRAngay  Pasobolong


August 3, 2016 The CMZ Breast Wellness Center with the Zamboanga City Medical Society conducted a

Breast Cancer Awareness lecture with Breast Screening at the Holy Rosary Family Center upon the invitation

of Sr. Josefina Manuel and Ma'am Edna Sumergido. We were able to cater ro families from Pasobolong,

Salaan, Mercedes, Culianan and neighboring areas.


CMZ BRAngay with EMedia Servicio Caravan at Southcom NHS


The E-Media Servicio Caravan is always exciting and there really was a festive air at the Southcom National High School with Principal Gloria Carpio and E-Media stalwarts, Rey Bayona Bayoging and Ma'am Joy Bayoging and Hanna and of course, all our favorite E Media personalities!

They had Medical and Dental services, videoke and program for everyone with Ma'am Gay Baylosis on stage. There were also haircut and massage services and feeding plus other freebies from sponsors.

Ciudad Medical Zamboanga with the ZamboangaCity MedicalSociety shares our part with the E'Media Mo Servicio Caravan though:

1) doctors for the Medical Mission with Dr. Neil Alden Tan and Dr. Wilson James Lim
2) Breast Cancer Awareness orientation for Grade 9-10 students
3) Breast Screening through CBE





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