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CMZ S.T.E.P.H. Program 1: Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School

March 7, 2016 is the launching of the S.T.E.P.H. Program with the first participants, the Grade 10 students (STE A and STE B and SOF) of Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School.

S.T.E.P.H. stands for Student Tour for Exposure to Professions in Healthcare which is a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

program under Human Resource with Ms.Juvee Calica, HR Manager as lead.

High School students preferably Grade 10 students are invited to the STEPH Program

to assist them in their career choice. Exposure to the hospital setting will broaden their

knowledge that work available in hospitals are not limited to doctors and nurses but also to

technology related as well as administrative and finance type of jobs. This will show them

a glimpse of the reality of work in hospitals as well as give them the chance to interact with the workforce.

On the side of CMZ, we hope that we can encourage more students to enter the healthcare

organizations to help augment the turnover of staff, with workforce also given the opportunity to work abroad.

Thank you so much to the very pro-active Dr. Socorro Canaya, DPLMHS Principal for being the first school to accept our invitation.

Thank you to Ma'am Liza Earl Angeles and Sir Rey Taripe for accompanying the students to Ciudad Medical Zamboanga.


Ciudad Medical Zamboanga

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